About Jayrod

Wow!  I'm grateful you'd like to know something about me.  So I'll take you down a walk of memory lane for me so that you can understand a little about me and why I work on this blog.  To the right there is the picture that started the romance between my wife and I.  I was about twenty one years old in the Utah Army National Guard in the picture.  I was optimistic about life, but like most 21 year olds I had no clue of what I wanted my life to be.

Five years later I found myself having served as a missionary for my church, served a year deployment for the Army, and gone to school for two years, but I still hadn't really figured out what I wanted my life to be.  But I knew who I wanted to spend it with.  And she has made all the difference in the laughter, depth, and joy my life has had since.

Now I'm a little over thirty years old and I'm loving life in ways I couldn't have imagined when I was 21.  I've discovered I love to teach and tell stories and I hope to do a lot of both here in my blog.  I have a sincere belief that people need stories to learn from, to enjoy, and to believe in to become the best people they can become.  I know I would not be where I am today without the knowledge of the many stories I've read.  And I hope I can look back in the years to come and see that I would not be there without the many stories I have been able to share.  Cheers!

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