Wednesday, January 4, 2012

1st Check In and Outlines

     Well you know what was said about the test mile.  It is true, but I'm pretty sure that I'll still make my goals for the week.  So on Monday night I didn't have time to write, which was fine because I scheduled time on Tuesday night.  But Tuesday I didn't spend my time "writing" per-say, instead I had to return to my outline and redesign it.
     I'm a discovery writer and I don't usually have much of an outline to the things that I write.  Usually just some interesting ideas and themes that I tie into my short stories or poetry.  Even when I write essays for school it is the same way.  But in this need more of a skeleton than I usually give myself so I outlined what I thought should happen over the various chapters of the book.  It took several hours, between four and five for less than five hundred words.  But what happened is I started to see exactly how the story would play out in the critical scenes, the scenes that if they are not there there would be no book.
     Now you might say that the the scenes may change yet.  I actually expect a lot of changes to happen yet.  I'm not to my best ideas yet I don't think, those cannot be found without a lot of writing, but if I take the time to discover where I'm at through this process I should be able to put a major dent into what I'm doing.
     Last night I ended up playing Metroid Prime most of the night, so no writing was done there.  However today I'm mostly free and I plan on getting writing done tonight and tomorrow in large measure.  After that I get to head back east for a while and the train trip is where I would like to get a lot of writing done, but that's only if I can find someplace that has enough power for me to use my laptop.  (Not that it really matters cause if I can't use the laptop I might resort to just handjamming it.  Slower, yes, but I made a goal and I am going to reach it!)    Of the 12,000 I have currently: 1386.  Let's shoot that in the arm today with another two grand!  Yeah!

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