Saturday, June 2, 2012

War Post: 2nd June Late Mashup & Goals

Good Morning folks!  So this Saturday Morning I am finally getting to my Mashup for the week.  As I was getting ready for it earlier this week I had a lot of things that took place that kept me from getting to it any earlier.  Today is the second day of Camp NaNoWriMo & JuNoWriMo and thus far I'm keeping up with my goals for each day.  Todays Mashup is focused on things that might help folks to get through the next month of writing.  The community of writers is our greatest strength and we must help one another if we expect to make it.  Here's my contribution today.

David Powers King has a guest blogger by the name of Shallee McArthur this week and she's wonderful. Read on at: "Shallee McArthur: The Key to Writing a Deeper Book - Get Outside Yourself!"

Rebecca Hoffman also has a guest blogger who shares about her own writing experiences in: "Guest Post by Cynthia Ravinski."

Ellen Oh, an up and coming YA diversity author, interviews another author about why they write diverse fiction in: "What Diversity Means to Me - Featuring Zoe Marriott."

Angela Ackerman has a guest blogger  giving away a copy of their book Keep Calm and Query On.  Read on and register for a chance to win at: "Keep Calm And Query On + Giveaway!"

Anthony Dutson gives some solid advice about how to set up realistic goals in: "Reevaluating Your Goals."

Adam Gaylord talks about something that is worth thinking about, if you write sex scenes, in: "Who's Up For Some Bad Sex?"

Mary Ann, of the Prosers, shares a compelling blog on why flaws are necessary in characters in: "Even the Noblest Characters Need Flaws."

Jeff Hargett weighs in on the ages long battle of opinion between authors about: "Prologues."

Callie Leuck brings in the big guns with Jamie Gibbs to bring a bit more culture to her blog in: "Guest Post: Adding Culture To Your Fantasy World."

Morgan Shamy, The Redhead, helps us to see the difference between reality and fantasy in: "The Writer Community: Real or Fake?."

Donna K. Weaver has a lightbulb moment concerning how to do Show versus Tell in: "My Epiphany."

K.M. Weiland shares some great time saving resources in: "Resource Roundup: 5 Time Savers for Writers."

Nathan Bradford tells us all about the the war between Traditional and Self Publishing in: "Traditional vs. Self-publishing is a False Dichotomy."

And I'm sorry, I had to post this.  This is from Heidy Murphy sharing stories from soldiers for Memorial Day (And in my opinion, the most important blog of all of these to read).  Please read: "I Remember You."

And now for some amazing music.  If you have heard "Sexy and you Know It" and hated it, give this version a try.  It is amazing!

I told you it was amazing!

The thought that occurred to me is that I should make myself accountable for reaching my goals.  But I also realized that I need to do my goal keeping here in a method by which simplify what I need to do for goals.  In my group therapy we have the meat and potatoes of the program which are called daily's.   And I wanted a way to make certain I keep better track of my dailies.  I do well with writing, and sometimes exercise, but I struggle on day to day goal keeping.  So here are my daily's for the upcoming week.

Daily #1: Eat Three Times Daily.  
This looks like an easy goal, but I actually struggle with this, because when I get caught up in activities, I tend to forget to eat.  And myriads of problems actually begin when I forget to eat, so I'm just focusing on eating at a regular frequency through the day.

Daily #2: Sleep Eight Hours each night.
I am trying to keep this goal more and more often (except this week has just been terrible for this).  I know that when I get less than eight, everything is impacted negatively for the next day.  I feel sluggish,  achy, and dull and I am less likely to get proper rest the following night.

Daily #3: Write Frequently.
This one I'm not aiming for daily on.  I need time to recharge my writing batteries so I plan on doing this one off and on (Even during Camp NaNoWriMo and JuNoWriMo).  I am a social writer so stuff like write ins and writing sprints help me a great deal.  Writing is one of the activities that grounds me and helps me to cope especially when I'm feeling angry or down.

Daily #4: Spiritual Time Daily.
Once upon a time I was capable of reading from the scriptures daily and drinking from that fountain was enough to satisfy me.  I've grown a little since then and I guess I need more sources of spiritual food to help sustain me.  I decided to not make this goal about reading, and more about spending time daily thinking about things of a spiritual nature.  A few days this week I listened to gospel music, and today I plan on reading.  I don't know all of what I'll include in this, but I got to change this one up.

Daily #5: Helping out around the House.
This is another mundane thing that keeps me sane.  I've started doing the dishes regularly and cleaning up around the house.  Funny thing is that as I do this my wife has become more supportive of my writing, and has started to enjoy more of the housework she does.  It makes all the difference to my healthy state of mind, and it's effects on my wife make this one that I need to keep around to help me.

Daily #6: Frequent Exercise.
I've been getting out around three to five times a week for a while now.  I thought the best way to kick this up a notch would be to attempt to find a set time each weekday for exercise.  And I hope to drag my son with me.  He needs the help just as much as I do.

Daily #7: Reading Daily.
This one has been struggling for months.  I just haven't been reading much of late.  I have several books that I've started, but none that I've finished for a while now.  So I'm going to set a half hour for reading each day.  I figure if nothing else it will put me in a state of mind where I have more ideas.

The list right now is incomplete.  I'm still trying to find out what things balance me and enable me to get through the more difficult times.  But I'm certain that if I keep at it I'll find my way.  This month, I'm focused a lot on the writing.  Because I am out to win Camp NaNoWriMo and JuNoWriMo.  I three to four hours set aside most days to get some quality writing done and my family knows during that time I'll be unavailable.  (And I won't waste it just to sit online and do nothing.)

That's all for this week folks.  I'll catch you again on Monday with another blog about writing.  Thanks for reading our ramblngs here.  It's really appreciated.  This is the First OG, Jayrod Garrett, saying that  hope you have a a beautiful week and go out and enjoy the sunshine.  And if you have any ideas for new hobbies I can take up, or things I can do to help me establish my new daily order.  Feel free to leave them in the comments.  Have a great day!  Peace!


  1. very nice post! easy to read and interesting.

    1. Thanks Mr or Mrs Article Writing Services. Your specific feedback makes me want to write more informative blogs like this.

  2. Dang, I'm super impressed. LMFAO ain't got nothin' on that guy!

    Thanks for the mention!

  3. I consider myself still new to the writing world and I still get confused when I hear row80 and Junowrino LOL but it seems like a great way for writers to get focused and meet their goals. I have to look into this. Thanks for sharing all the pieces, I look forward to reading them and the LMFAO cover was amazing, I actually like it better than the original song. :)

  4. I thought about you when a mutual commenter left a new message on one of my older posts and I saw your comment on the top. First it was nice to see your face again and I realized I haven't been by to see your blog in awhile. Second, low and behold the last one to comment on here is the same person that commented on my blog today. :D I don't believe in coincidences. I believe everything happens for a reason.

    Hope everything is going well in your world. I will try not to let so much time go by until the next time. :)



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