Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas Letter to friends and family - Christmas 2oo9 Dear family and friends, We are sorry that we haven’t seen so many of you over the past year

Dear family and friends,

We are sorry that we haven’t seen so many of you over the past year, but you are often on our minds and in our hearts and we wanted to let you know a little of what has happened in our lives over the past year. Last year at Christmas two bundles of joy came into our home, named Rascal and Mr. Pibb. They’re cats! And they’re naughty! They climb all over everything in the house, sit on the computer keyboards, steal, and wake us up with purring and kneading us with their claws. We love them though, they were Jenny’s Christmas Gift last year.
And through a series of unfortunate and fortunate events we were able to purchase our first home in May of this year. We live beside the Ogden River and we have the wilderness at our back door, and a neighborhood that has the look of New England. We love living there and we are hoping to make many lovely memories for years to come there.
This Fall we both went back to school, Jenny went to Marinello School of Beauty to become a Master Esthetician and I began the long journey of getting my degree once again. She should graduate from the program in early 2011; and I’ll graduate with a Child and Family Studies degree in 2013 (ugh!). Thankfully we have both been successful in our school endeavors this past semester.
In October we took a trip to New Hampshire to see Jennifer’s Grandpa Wicks for his 90th Birthday Party. It was a wonderful time and I had the opportunity to meet a ton of folks in the family and some of Jenny’s friends from College. It was a blessing to us.
That’s about our year. We are looking forward to the next one and hoping that it will be better than this last one was. We hope that everyone is doing well and that we hear from you soon. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year with all our love!
The Garrett’s

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