Friday, January 8, 2010

Facebook Christmas Gift- Posted Christmas Day

Well this year my wife and I had a pretty tight budget. We struggled to have a Christmas for ourselves and have survived largely off of the grace of God (but then in this economy, who isn't). We are happy and glad to see this year coming to an end.
I know that I haven't blogged for a long time and I wanted to share with my friends a Christmas wish that would be memorable to them. Mind you we haven't sent off our Christmas Cards yet, which we still plan on doing, however this is a preview of a poem that will be with the cards sent out. Mind you if you don't get a card, it isn't because we forgot you, but because there just hasn't been enough money to send to everyone we love this year. Hence the most important part of our card will be shared here on Facebook. May you always remember that as you grow older and wiser the meaning behind Christmas grows fuller richer and deeper.

The Gift of Christmas

The magpies were chirping,
A star shined so bright.
The evening was perfect,
One dark Christmas night.

The heavens had opened,
And given a child.
One who would teach us,
To be meek and mild.

Surrounded by seraphim
Singing “Goodwill to men,”
That Peace was a dream,
To which men say amen.

But misunderstanding,
The gifts that were given,
We give not to each other,
And remain shut in.

Everyone cries
We know the meaning of Christmas:
Christ gave us life.
Yet we live like Thomas.

Christmas is about:
Gifts we cannot give.
That is the symbolism
Of what we must live.

The miracle of new life,
Available to all,
From the birth of a child,
To the big and the small.

Gifts given daily,
We hardly recognize.
But are more important,
Than our hams and our pies.

The miracle of family,
The joy of reunion,
That’s Peace on Earth.
A community communion.

Imagine this truth
To swell in our hearts
Overflowing to others
The wisdom it imparts.

That Christmas is more
Than a once a year story.
More than a stable
Brim full of glory.

It is the pattern,
That enables peace.
The prayer that was given
That all war would cease.

In a cold stable,
Shepherds, parents, and child.
Stood in the cold
Truly warm and smiled.

So tonight with your families,
Please remember this plea,
To live always like Christmas
For then peace will be free.

By: Jayrod P. Garrett
24th December, 2009

May the gifts of this Christmas have meaning deeper than Saint Nicks visit, and our prayers be with all of you. Aloha and Mele Kelikimaka to you all!

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