Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Check In: Feb 15, 2012

When you are late with posting for the week typically catching up on goals doesn't take place.  It has been a week since I last wrote on my work in progress and I feel really bad about that.  But between looking for a job, going to a writing conference, and Valentines Day life has been crazy.

However I also have to admit my focus this past week has been much different.  I've been focused a lot on building a blog and trying to build a brand and audience.  You might have noticed that I've separated my posts for ROW80 and my actual blog, and a lot of this has to do with the fact that I wanted to be able to post for venues that would be looking for specifically writing blogs and it wasn't terribly professional to have both as the same post.

I'm really excited and scared to be on this journey of trying to build myself an audience for my writing and I've started reading Kristen Lamb's books on the topic and hoping that I am making all of the right moves as I work towards my ultimate goal of having some sort of audience for my writing.

For now I think I've done what I can and I'm going to switch my focus back to my writing and get into the next scene that I've been excited to write for days, but just haven't demanded that my focus be there to get me through the next scene.

And here the goals I choose for this week of ROW:

1. Finishing a Scene of "Crimes of the Umbramancer" each day.
     For the past week I haven't finished a single scene, because of various things I've been doing.  But I am exercising forgiveness and telling myself it is okay that the week was a wash.  I did other important things and I'll make the rest of this week with my scene goals.
2. Comment on ten blogs in ROW80:
     I'm usually slow on this at the beginning of the week.  I'll probably get most of my posts done tomorrow morning on the Wednesday updates.
3. No more than twelve hours of video games per week.
     No more Zelda this week.  After realizing I've put sixty plus hours into the game I got a little depressed.  I'll be glad when I beat it and can spend more time on my writing.
4. Bedtime between 11PM and Midnight each day so I can be up at six or seven to take advantage of the early hours to write.
     Let's be honest.  I don't do well at this goal.  I'd much rather know a bunch of folks who wanted to get together at night to do wordmongering and other such writing activities.  It would help me out a lot. I am a night owl, not a morning person.  But I'll keep this goal until I have folks to write with in the evenings.
5. Walking at least a mile five times a week.
     Again no progress in this goal.  Just been too busy.
6. Finding a new job in the upcoming month.
    Killed a job interview and I'm expect to hear back from them by Friday.  So that is on the upside!
7. Building a new blog for my diversity issue.
    I think I've done a good job in what work I've done at this point into building my blog.  I realize that there will probably be more that I have to do with it.  I am hoping to find someone that can help me to develop it further so any suggestions on this blog or the regular blog would be appreciated.

I will be back on track by this Sunday, and between now and then I am hoping to blog at least one more time about diversity.  Lot of good things coming in the future, and hopefully my life will calm down and I'll have a set schedule for all the things I want to get done.  Have a great day!


  1. You have me as an audience member! Are you generating something on WordPress?

    1. Not at this time. I have a Wordpress account, because a few years ago I was going to do some blogging on their site. I've found blogger far simpler and easier to work with so I'm set up over here.


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