Sunday, April 15, 2012

Special ROW80 Message From the First OG

So this probably comes across as ridiculous seeing as I just posted for my goals yesterday.  But I made a commitment to begin doing this again, so it won't be a long post.  But it is going to project what I would like to have happen for each day of the week for what my goals between now and Wednesday.

15th April: Finish another twenty percent of Pride and Prejudice and finish several blog posts today (Monday's, Friday's and hopefully next Monday's also.)  It would account for at least three days writing by itself.

16th April: Rewrite Chapter Two of "Crimes of the Umbramancer" and another twenty percent of Pride and Prejudice.  And I hope to get my "summer job" tomorrow also.  That will make up for another three days of writing.

17th April: Do Wednesday's ROW80 Mashup another twenty percent of Pride and Prejudice and write a paper on why the Satire of Douglas Adams books is awesome.  And if there is time also begin the rewrite of "The Prophecy Engine."  (Lot of homework for that day.)

18th April: Review week and talk about whether or not I've reached these daily goals for the end of my ROW80 week.  (I end weeks for ROW80 on Wednesday not Sunday.  I'm weird sue me.)

That's everything for today.  My wife and I had a long talk yesterday about a lot of things, and it really got me thinking.  I need to focus more on realistic goals and this is my attempt at doing some.  The goals will get smaller, just I also have to cram a lot into this next week.  Tomorrow I'll have a post up on Teaching in America.  This is Jayrod Garrett, the First OG, hoping that you have a wonderful day.
Oh and I'm learning a lot about writing and plotting from Jane.
Ladies, I agree, she's brilliant.
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