Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Blanket of Security

     When I saw this a few days ago it just made me smile.  To see a man and his dog cuddled up like this is a real companionship that unfortunately too few of us realize that we are in, until they are over.

     Everyone has companionships throughout their lives.  Sometimes your companion is the one you go to the bar with, other times you go to church with them.  Sometimes it is the person you had that one night stand with, and other times it is the person you decided to marry.  What makes companionships special is what we give to make them sacred.

     For example like this picture.  What makes the companionship sacred isn't the blanket that was given, but the warmth that the pair shares.  In a relationship between a husband and wife it isn't the sex that creates the sacred bond, but the fidelity.  For you see in any relationship where there are companions it is the things that last that make the relationship so beautiful.

     All of us who are doing a Round of Words in Eighty Days what makes us so special is the fact that we have our writing that pulls us all together.  Some of us write for release, others write to be read, and some few of us write to be published (I write for all three).  But all of us write.  And that is how we are companions with one another on this sacred journey through life.  I am grateful to have all of you as companions and thankful that you have shared your blanket of security with me.  My new goal for this week is to respond to ten different blogs each week from now on, because I want as many of you as I can find to know that I appreciate your companionship on this journey.

     Before I end this I want to share a special thank you to my companion who has made all this possible.  Jenny, I am so grateful to have you in my life and I am thankful for your support in all the writing I have been doing of late.  I know that it takes me away from you, and means I'm not as attentive sometimes, but I know that I'm a better person when I am engaged in writing and I'm thankful you give me the opportunity to continue writing.

Goals for this week:  (To be marked off as completed)
1. Catch up with days for writing- Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
     I only wrote Wednesday.  I think I've had some writers block also.
2. Read 10 different blogs in ROW80.
     I've read at least seven thus far.  I'll read more later on.
3. Video games for only 12 hours for the week.
     Played my game for 12 hours already.

     Thanks for the comments and thoughts you leave.  A question for those of you who know more about blogging than I do.  I am interested in building a greater audience.  How would I go about that?

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1 comment:

  1. I love the are so right about companionship. I snuggle as much as I possibly am able to cuddle.

    Good luck in reaching your ROW80 goals!!


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